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Nothing is more important to us then the safety of our guests!  We go to great lengths to assure that our visitors have a safe visit to one of our carnival midways.  Our management team carefully inspects each amusement ride prior to opening each day.  To ensure a thorough inspection, an inspection checklist that is specific to each attraction is used.  This inspection sheet is completed and turned into our office and verified by a manager before the carnival is opened to the public.  Our equipment is also inspected by local and state inspectors at every event that we operate at.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Below is a list of general rules that can help make your day at any carnival, fair, or amusement park even safer.

  • KEEP hands, arms and legs inside ride at all times.
  • USE safety equipment such as a seat belt, shoulder harness or lap bar when provided.
  • STAY in ride until it comes to a complete stop.
  • READ posted rules.
  • OBSERVE age, height and weight restrictions.
  • FOLLOW instructions of ride operator.

Be Safe on the Midway

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